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Final Exam Schedule & Required Review Sessions


Required Review Sessions GECHS Contd....


Important Dates:

February 16th- Wellness Day

March 4-8: Spring Break (No School for Students or Staff)

March 14th- Q4 Begins 

March 19th- Parent Conferences (4-6)

March 29th- Holiday (No School)

April 13th- Prom (7-11 pm)

May 10th- English Exams

May 13th- Math Exams

May 14th- Science Exams

May 15th- Social Studies Exams

May 16th- Make-up Exams 

May 17th- GECHS Graduation 

Girl's Soccer:

Would you like to play soccer at Granville Central? Click on the link below!


First page of the PDF file: YearbookDiscountFlyer

Exam Locations & Schedule May 2024 GECHS



Please join us in congratulating the following students: Grayson Gaul, Mark Panganiban, Vashti Pearson, Yahir Hernandez Garcia and Yandel Hernandez Garcia. 

These students are being Nationally recognized as academically exceptional students.  Your fellow classmates earned this recognition by excelling on their PSAT and have earned a GPA of 3.5 or higher. Grayson is being recognized in two categories and Yahir and Yadel are our first twins to be recognized. 

Spark NC Lab - this NEW, grant funded, state-of the art tech lab located at the campus of South Granville High School will be offering dozens of 15-hour, "mini units" of study which can be 'stacked' together towards units of high school credit.  Topics for the mini-units include the following:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cyber Security
  • Gaming and Game Art Design
  • Software Development & Programming
  • Data Science
  • Computer Engineering

These leveled "mini-units" are ideal for students who want to EXPLORE the world of careers and opportunities in the high-tech sector.   The future has arrived and it is time to prepare!

To learn more about Spark NC - please contact the Lab Leader, Mr. Michael Spradlin at  All GCPS high school students are eligible to particpate.  Special field trips, teamships, internships and other events are also part of the Spark NC experience in GCPS.

GECHS Wellness Day 2023